Wisdom of the Crowds – part 1 : When the wisdom of the many helps the few or the one

Wisdom of the Crowds

How Wisdom of the Crowds isn’t always useful …

The great thing about the Internet is that there are forums where you can ask a question and often get an answer…or multiple answers!

Whether these answers are correct, or not, is another thing.

For example…New Android user asks a simple question about how they can change something on their brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. The user gets several responses with advice ranging from installing special applications that let you override certain functionality, to performing satanic rituals with a dead chicken and a plastic spoon from the next-door neighbor. This “wisdom of the crowds” goes on for awhile until someone suggests clicking on Settings, and then switching off the offending functionality. Problem solved.

Let the wisdom flow…

Disclaimer: while I am a new Android user, and have a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, there is no connection between the example above, and myself. (Besides – my next-door neighbor didn’t have any plastic spoons).

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