Will IT actually help? – A response to Dux

2015: Note: the piece that Dux originally wrote (and to which this post is a response to) doesn’t exist any more. I am unable to find it anywhere on the internet (even WayBackMachine doesn’t have a copy)…

In a  recent post, Dux Raymond Sy (@MeetDux) discussed that with the increased use of SharePoint by the “Business” (i.e. Business user identifying value in having a SharePoint site/portal), the traditional IT support department’s role will change.

He believes that the IT department’s role will become more “consultative”, and work with the business to build solutions, rather than just offering typical “typical break-fix (and install – MjO) assistance”

Dux is someone that I respect. I have attended some of his webinars and have read (OK – I’m reading) his SharePoint for Project Management book.  He really knows his stuff.

Even though what he describes sounds logical,  I don’t think that it will happen.

To really supply a “solution” you really have to understand the business. The traditional IT department contains people who understand technology. And that’s very valuable.

However, to really understand “the business” requires working in “the business”. And even then each business “entity” (department, group, division) has its own business processes. To really understand these processes takes time. It requires talking with representatives from “the business”.

And this takes time. And there will still be many urgent things that need getting fixed, installed, maintained, backed up, restored, etc.

I am of the (humble) opinion that there is still a need for another layer (albeit, a thin one) between “the business” and “IT”. This is a layer that is able to spend that time with the business to understand their requirements, and to build the solutions. And to work with “IT” to ensure that the infrastructure for doing this is available.

Dux’s Post: How do you see IT Orgs role changing as SharePoint is becoming a business enablement platform?

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