Points and Badges


I don’t have a smart phone (yes, it’s true!). So even though I have been aware of foursquare, and its badges, and titles (You have just become “Mayor”), I have not been able to partake in the fun, and games of such a thing.

My first real introduction to the phenomenon of “unlocking badges” was when I started using Vodpod (a site that allows you “to build your own video channel to share with the world”).

When I first joined, I saw that they offered points and badge “to encourage people to collect the best videos and share them with others.” I didn’t really give it much more thought as I couldn’t care less about the stupid things.

That was until I unlocked my first badge”. Then I unlocked my second badge. Then I checked to see what other badges I get, and how I could get them. It was addictive. (By the way, on the right of this blog, at the bottom, you can “follow me on Vodpod“).

This is why, when I saw a post by Rob Cottingham on the Read, Write, Web site, it really made me smile. I could recognise exactly what he was referring to. Have a look:

“Apparently we do need those stinking badges”

If you get a chance, also, check out Rob’s website (http://robcottingham.ca/).

This guy is FUNNY!

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