Excellent point … Sucky PowerPoint presentations

Powerpoint Tips

How to avoid a PowerPoint presentation that sucks

Here’s an excellent presentation by Jesse Desjardins.

He makes some really great suggestions. So much so that I wanted to capture it on my blog.

I just hope that more people actually “get” what makes a good PowerPoint presentation.

You Must Comply

I realise, however, that many people need to comply with some “corporate” standard.

And, sometimes a PowerPoint presentation is created to be read, or viewed, at a later stage when the presenter is present.

I’m not quite sure how to fit those types into the concepts that Jesse (and many others) are promoting. But if you have any ideas, please share them with us.

Watch Jesse’s presentation, and have a think about how a “corporate” (or a “stand-alone”) presentation can be created using these ideas…



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